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15 Jun redline presents

Lacrosse is more than a game; it’s a lifestyle.

We commit to our craft, at each respective position, honing our skills to the betterment of ourselves as lacrosse players both on and off the field.  As the game grows, competition at each position grows with it, putting each moment and opportunity even more in focus for every athlete.  Competition breeds success, but in this life, it comes down to the team needing the ball to succeed, so an entirely new discipline has emerged as a dominant part of any team’s success, offering even more opportunity for athletes to make an impact on the field.

As players, the stick ultimately becomes an extension of our body.  We introduced our Anatomy™ line earlier this year as the first product line for our Mark IV™ (2016) catalogue, designed as the pinnacle representation of this belief.  Creating the ultimate expression through technology and passion for the game, of what it means to be a lacrosse player and live the life we do.  However, the game has evolved past the point of the traditional positions of just offense and defense, with the respect to the faceoff.  It is for this reason; we are very proud to announce the newest addition to our Mark IV™ product lineup; Project Fox™.

Named for both the cunning nature of the animal, as well as the point of the field itself (face-off x), Project Fox™ is the first in a new line set to debut later this catalogue year created specifically for one aspect of the game.  Designed from the ground up exclusively for the position, Project Fox™ is a complete departure from traditional thinking when it comes to the shaft for faceoff men.  The same way our Anatomy™ offensive shafts utilize materials & flex points designed to give improved feel for attackmen and midfielders, Project Fox™ is utilizing the best materials available as well as custom flex & strength points to work in tandem with the player to give maximum control over any faceoff situation.  Working in tandem with some of the best faceoff men in North America, Project Fox™ is currently in private testing, and will be using this summer to insure that every advantage that can be built into it for today’s faceoff men, is.

We didn’t want to simply take an Anatomy™ shaft, hollow it out and color the top, because it would contradict what we believe a stick truly is.  If our sticks, as players, become extensions of who we are then by only providing someone with a good head for face-offs is only giving them 50% of what they need to make this realization happen.  Just like any position, honing your craft at the faceoff takes commitment, and is an ever evolving process.  Project Fox™ is designed specifically with this in mind, with the specific needs in mind, and more so, the specific lifestyle that goes with this in mind.

We will have more news to share on Project Fox™ throughout the summer, as well as launching a public testing opportunity later on as well.  Until then, continue to hone your craft, push yourself every day, and fight for every possession.  Lacrosse is not just a sport, but a lifestyle, so committing yourself to it requires sacrifice every day to reach the next level.  Live at the redline of what’s possible to achieve this, and shift your game to the next level.

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