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18 Oct Trick or Shift

As Halloween approaches, we wanted to offer a "trick or treat" of sorts to you, the Redline family. We believe in the carbon composite technology that goes into every Redline shaft and firmly believe that the future of the industry as a whole resides in this...

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15 Jun redline presents

Lacrosse is more than a game; it's a lifestyle. We commit to our craft, at each respective position, honing our skills to the betterment of ourselves as lacrosse players both on and off the field.  As the game grows, competition at each position grows with it,...

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offense 2

11 May Anatomy Of Playoffs

Playoff season is here. This time of year (outside of a few regions that have to play earlier/later due to climate) is playoff season.  College and high school's all over the country are now in the final mode of their season where every play matters. Win, and...

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24 Mar Shift Your Game

I am a big fan of cars. Being fortunate enough to live in California, It is normal to see beautiful automotive pieces of engineering cruising down to the beach on weekends. However, I feel like I never get the full "supercar experience" simply due to that...

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10 Feb American Made

There is a feeling you get when you hold an item that has a tag saying it was "Made In USA."  Its a sense of natural pride that comes through in some surprising way.  Its surprising because this should be a natural feeling holding any...

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03 Feb Leave Your Mark

Redline products are designed with a goal to leave an everlasting impression on the timeline of lacrosse.  We wanted to create a way to let every player who sees a Redline product know this.  As we enter 2016, we begin the 4th catalogue year of...

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